Max starts his first hosting company

Hosting was a fairly new medium when Max co-founded LunarPages Hosting in 1998. Having designed many websites in his teens he was already way ahead of the curve when IKEA hired him for their I/T department to help design and build their website.

Business Expansion

Max moves his company into a larger data center to meet the growing demand for his products.

Max Moves On

After building the business, Max sold his share in the company. Once again starting from scratch and wanting something new, Max turned to his attention to ISP technology. Partnering with a friend in Sweden they started Bredbandsson which acquired thousands of customers and is still growing today.

Max Joins His Friends

Now, with the help of many years of experience and critical thinking, Max then set off on a new direction by partnering with his longtime friends Mike Cerjak and Ken Lavacot to work on the project. Max in visioned a system that could utilize machine learning and specific algorithms to organize and display rich automotive content covering hundreds of makes which span over thousands of problems and a million different scenarios, it was a daunting task and one that current content management systems just couldn’t handle. gets a boost, (an in-depth automotive repair website with over 2 million question pages) was used as the build/test platform and was the first implementation of Max's visionary CMS software, the results yielded after the software launch was remarkable. Instant 47% increase for user time on site while reducing the bounce rate by 8% in the first release.

MaxBrain™ - Logic Driven CMS is Born

The MaxBrain™ software is a fully logic driven CMS which utilizes a search engine coupled with an algorithm, the parameters for this system are setup by a subject expert(s). Once complete the system takes over and categorizes future incoming content while suggesting alterative key word phrases for a particular subject common in that data set.