Frequently asked questions

1.  Login to your account and choose Domains tab from the menu and choose the domains you would like to renew
2.  Choose the Renewal Options tab and select Renew Now. You will have the option to confirm the domains you would like to renew and complete payment.
3.  We recommend choosing the auto-renew option.

1. Create a support ticket detailing the problem or call us @ 714-402-3940

1. You can use FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
2. We offer multiple FTP accounts which allows you to let up to 3 individuals to have access to your website.
3. Anonymous FTP allows the public to view or download files from a specific directory without logging in.

1. Our starter package only allows for a single domain to be hosted per account, but our larger accounts allow for multiple domains.

1. Use Control Panel and select Email Set Up, from there you can create new accounts, change passwords and choose which delivery system listed below.

1. MySQL data base and PHP controls are available in cpanel once a hosting product is purchased.