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Virtual Web Hosting Saves

What is virtual hosting? Virtual hosting is the technical name for shared hosting. Most sites don’t start out needing the power of an entire server and can build their presence on the internet without having to pay huge sums of money to do so. Virtual hosting means that a beefy enterprise server has been virtualized using software into many isolated and separate hosting accounts that share the IP address and resources of that server. Virtualization is the reason web hosts can provide entry level service to hundreds of accounts on a single server at a crazy low price.

At Daywi we monitor the performance of our virtual servers for abuse that could slow down the environment for everyone on it and move any accounts that have exceeded their limits without shutting them down to a higher level threshold and inform the administrator that upgrades need to be made. Once a website starts getting heavy traffic it is time to move to a more robust VPS (virtual private server) plan where it can have more of the resources or all of them. We want our customers to get more than they pay for and especially not pay for something they aren’t using…. yet. We want you to succeed and are here to help your site grow.

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