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VPS Hosting

Daywi VPS plans offer private environments with varying resources to match individual needs priced fairly, without misleading introductory offers that double after the first month. Custom specifications are available upon request. Free domain registration and static ip addresses and with every VPS plan. A minimum of 2CPU cores, 30GB SAN, 2GB of RAM and 1TB of bandwidth are available

VPS Hosting- Virtual Private Server Hosting is a private dedicated server that is based within a shared hosting environment on a private server. Each VPS Hosting account is completely customizable to allow for anticipated growth and flexibility to meet the needs of your website. VPS servers have full root access allowing total control of the hosting environment including the ability to install advanced software. SSDs solid state drives, provide more power, speed and stability for running web applications. VPS servers allow instant scalability to increase performance and storage when needed.

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